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Dyllan Rae’s number one goal is to provide natural relief for a variety of skin conditions. For far too long has melanated skin been ignored, overlooked, and forgotten. While our products are suitable for all skin types, they have been crafted specifically with melanated skin in mind. Dyllan Rae is a 100% Black-owned and operated small business. If you or your loved ones suffer from irritated skin, our products are designed to provide calming comfort for your skincare needs! 

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How Dyllan Rae Works


Our cream is full of rich ingredients that help to make the skin smooth, as well as combat dryness. It will leave your skin looking lustrous.


Our product, which includes a mixture of fatty acids, minerals, & vitamins, among other ingredients help to retain and lock in moisture.


Provides a protective barrier for the skin against harmful agents that can invade and trigger an inflammatory response.


Supports immune response to battle inflammation. Fortifies the skin through healing, strengthening; as well as revitalizes.

What can it do 

Amazing Benefits

Dyllan Rae’s eczema cream is formulated with a rich infusion of Organic Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and more rich ingredients. Dyllan Rae’s eczema cream helps to calm associated symptoms from eczema and other skin conditions such as itchiness, inflammation, and dry, sensitive skin. This cream works wonders on melanated skin types of all ages, from infancy to adulthood! 

Naturally Made, Our rich cream is custom formulated and extremely limited.

Eczema Relief for our Melanated Skin

What does it have 


What goes into every jar


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My daughter constantly scratched her skin from eczema irritation. Dyllan Rae helped calm those symptoms in a matter of days. Thanks so much! Definitely recommend this product.
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Dyllan Rae really works. Its helped to calm my daughter’s irritations.
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I was more than impressed by how Dyllan Rae’s eczema cream cleared up my son’s skin. Finally a product that helps for eczema.
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This cream helped to clear up my daughter's irritated patches and now her skin is pretty much clear. Thanks so much! Would definitely recommend!

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Dyllan Rae’s eczema cream cannot cure eczema (as there is no cure for condition), however with consistent use it can help to calm the associated symptoms known to the condition.

Yes, our cream is formulated to be safe enough for adults and children alike. 

Yes our formula is composed of all natural ingredients free of chemicals such as Alcohol, Parabens, Petroleum oils, and Fragrances to name a few.

For best results, Dyllan Rae’s eczema cream should be applied twice a day. We recommend a morning and night regimen and applied after a shower or bath when the skin is damp.

The cream should be applied at the first sign of a flare up. This is the best time to act!  In the absence of a flare up, the cream is safe and effective enough to be used as a daily moisturizer. 

Yes, Dyllan Rae’s eczema cream is effective, yet safe enough to use externally throughout the entire body…even in those delicate regions. 

Dyllan Rae’s eczema cream is all natural and has been shown to be safe. For matters concerning use with prescription medications we recommend you consult your physician.

Due to the fact that we use the highest of quality natural ingredients, our product does have a shelf life of 18 months. It should be stored in dry, temperate conditions (avoiding direct sunlight). Refrigeration can extend shelf life. 

It certainly is! Our product is 100% American made!